Paintball Boerderij



Are you up for a challenge? No one else offers these kind of paintball Xperiences.

Special Ops Night

Transform into a member of a Special Ops team who are employed all over the world. Under severe circumstances your team is forced to complete tasks you thought to be impossible. However, you have no other choice.

In 4 exhausting hours you and your team will play several strategical games. Each team will receive a sniper, a fully automatic weapon, a handgun and three normal paintball weapons. In addition, one person will receive a weapon shield.

Did your team win the game? Then you will receive a Winners Ticket and  a meter’s worth of free beer to quench your thirst.

Ladies Night

Reserved for the ladies who do like to shoot but without the bruises and scratches. During Ladies Night we will provide extra protection and gloves, if preferred lighter weapons and of course pink overalls.  No desire to get hit at all? Then you could join the game “ Shoot the Bunny”!  During this game you need to hit one of our Marshalls as often as you can.  The Marshall will of course be dressed as a pink bunny during this game. After all the action, a glass of bubbles will be waiting for you!

Beat the SWAT

This could be the moment you have been waiting for your entire life.  During Beat the SWAT you and 19 others will play against a SWAT team of six for ten minutes.  The members of the SWAT team can only be defeated with a shot to the head and play with a different colour paint. Hit by a SWAT member? Then you are out for the remainder of the game.  Each ten minutes the SWAT team will consist of other players, so even you will get the chance to let go of all your inhibitions!

If you were a part of the team of twenty and “the last man standing” after ten minutes you win The Golden Ticket!

Daredevil Ticket

If you desire to be a “die-hard” you will suffer the consequences, is the motto with the DareDevil Ticket. Somewhere in our arena we have placed a DareDevil ticket.  Finding this ticket is easy since it is put in plain sight.  Retrieving it is also simple. However,  attempting to get this ticket will immediately transform you into a target as the opponent will be able to hit you from every angle.

While holding the DareDevil ticket you might think back to moments before when you were a living target but revenge will be sweet. During the next round one of our Marshalls will give you a fully automatic weapon. Payback Time!

The Golden Ticket

It is the most coveted ticket at Paintball Boerderij. If you win this ticket, either with the Facebook campaign or during one of the games introduced by Paintball Boerderij you and five of your friends will receive free entrance and 1000 free bullets at your next visit.  You can immediately make reservations for another night!

Camper Ticket

Finding this ticket means you have been waiting at a secure area for what is coming..  You might not be very brave and it wouldn’t be cool if you admitted it, however, this ticket will provide you with a free drink at the bar!