Paintball Boerderij


Playing paintball

You will play several games with teams comprised of up to 20 players. So with 40 players you will need your entire team to defeat the opponent and to win the game!
Playing paintball


Besides all the rivalry, relaxation is also very important! That is why Paintball Boerderij offers a relaxing bar where you can eat fries or a hamburger or drink something before and after the game!

Paintball at Paintball boerderij

A filled stomach

Before all the excitement it is important to enter our fields with a filled stomach. In our bar the fun begins with fries or a delicious hamburger!



While enjoying a cup of coffee or a soda you enlist. Afterwards you find the changing rooms where you can change into an overall matching your team colour.


Game briefing

After handing out weapons and masks the Marshall will talk to you and your team about the game and the material you’re using.  Afterwards you and your team are allowed to enter the arena where the fun will begin!


Let’s get dirty

Face down in the sand avoiding paint bullets, experience the adrenaline in several games lasting about ten minutes per game.


Cocktail time

As your heartbeat slowly returns to normal and most of the paint has been removed from your hair you can relax with something to eat or drink in our comfortable bar.


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The fields

at the Boerderij

The Arena has been specifically designed in order to play several different games in the same place like capture the flag, conquer the bridge, the president and many more. The field seems to have been randomly put together, but everything is well thought through. Some places provide an excellent overview, but are unfit for appropriate shelter. These places require you to act swiftly. Hiding behind car wrecks gives you the ability to shoot others without being seen, but hiding here makes you less manoeuvrable. During the games you will learn to get to know the arena, in order for you to either find proper shelter or attack. It is up to you!


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